Friday, October 7, 2011

Brightarrow Burning by Isabo Kelly

Interview with Isabo Kelly

Q: Now we come to the hero! Tell us more about Ulric of Glengowyn. What qualities make him a droolworthy hero?

Hmmm, Ulric… He's a warrior elf who has led his fellow elves in battles and proven himself one of the greatest warriors of his people. Since the elves have been at peace, he spends his time trading elf weapons made by other members of his family with the human merchants of Sinnale. He loves to negotiate—especially with the Brightarrow family—and prefers that to war even though he would never shy away from a fight. He is a favorite of his king and queen—much to his brother's disgust. And he's the one who taught Layla how to shoot a bow and arrow. He's fiercely protective, has a strong sense of honor and loyalty, and is incredibly hot and sexy.

Q: I like hot and sexy! And the excerpt on your publisher website was intriguing! I absolutely love the tension between the hero and heroine. If Ulric cares for Layla, why hasn't he made the move on her? Why wait until now?

Going into too much detail would be a bit of a spoiler. I will say that there's a reason elves and humans don't normally form long term relationships, elves generally keep any sexual relationship with a human very limited and temporary, and it took a serious shock for Ulric to acknowledge what he really wanted from Layla...
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