Saturday, October 8, 2011

Once Upon a Groom by Karen Rose Smith

Interview with Karen Rose Smith

Q: The title ONCE UPON A GROOM has a fairy-tale feel to it. What made you choose this title? Would you say this title is apt for the story? Why or why not?
This title is perfect for this story. It's a modern twist on the fairytale. In this book, the heroine helps the hero's heart heal. It is also a play on words. Jenny, my heroine, began as a groom on the Rocky D ranch! Both she and Zack have a gift for gentling horses.

Q: Please tell us about Jenny Farber. What kind of person is she? Why does she crave the roots she'd found in Zack's parents' ranch?

Jenny lost her mother and is practically deserted by her father, a rodeo cowboy, in his grief over losing his wife. Often she was looked after by a recalcitrant neighbor when he was on the road. She has loved horses all of her life and took an internship on the Rocky D, Zack Decker's home, when she was in high school. While there, Zack's mom takes her under her wing and his dad respects her talent with horses. She has found a place to belong. So when in high school, she and Zack fall in love and he asks her to come with him to follow his dream, she can't tear herself from the roots that have grounded her, the surrogate parents she has always needed. She sees Zack's dream as a chase for the future like her dad always tried to grasp. She stays at the Rocky D but has a secret...

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