Wednesday, October 12, 2011

YES! Party at The Romance Reviews - November

A Year End Splash (YES!) party to end the year 2011 with a bang!

Lots of awesome prizes and games await readers and authors alike! Just a few weeks more...

In the meantime, if you're an author and you're interested to join the festivities by providing giveaways or purchasing an ad, please email me at carole @ (take away the spaces) for more information. Limited slots left! Deadline to participate is October 20.

For a sneak peek, here's our event page:

Scroll down the page and play the game! Try it out! It's a memory matching game, wherein you'll rely on your memory to match two similar covers. This is merely a trial version. When the contest goes live, each time you complete the puzzle, you'll be given corresponding points to increase your chances to win the weekly and grand prizes. Random covers would appear for each instance of the game.
You can find a list of participating publishers and authors (thus far!) below. More forthcoming!


MLR Press
Dreamspinner Press
Loose Id
Samhain Publishing
Noble Romance Publishing
Circlet Press
Riptide Publishing
Passion in Print Press


Kat Martin
Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
Nicola Marsh
Hope Tarr
Anna Campbell
Leigh Duncan
Delilah Devlin
Dale Mayer
DC Juris
DJ Gross
Gemini Judson
Kasi Alexander
Morgan Ashbury
Myne Whitman
Linda Nightingale
Sarah Grimm
Sharon Buchbinder
Suzanne Barrett
Krista Kedrick
Brenda Whiteside
Michele Hart
Caitlyn Fox
Kathy Lane
Sasha Savage
D.L. King
Theresa Ragan
Rebecca Sinclair
Barbara Weitz
Alexandra Kane
Autumn Jordon
A.Y. Stratton
Tara Lain
India Masters
Elizabeth Lang
Beth Trissel
Rachel Van Dyken
Natalie-Nicole Bates
Bev Pettersen
Stacy Juba
Dianne Hartsock
Christina Phillips
Lucy Monroe
Cecilia Tan
Gail Pallotta
Jessica James
Misty Evans
Cassandra Carr
Zelda Benjamin
Teresa Thomas Bohannon
Coleen Kwan
Sofia Hunt
Sibelle Hodge
Vanessa Devereaux
Toni LoTiempo
Tonya Kappes
Suzanne Rock
Suzie Grant
Stephanie Beck
Savannah Chase
Red Haircrow
Nova Chalmers
Michelle Pillow
Lily Harlem
Linda Banche
Victoria Blisse
Kimber An
Kari Gregg
JoAnne Kenrick
Jennifer Labelle
Jami Davenport
Heidi Cullinan
Faith V. Smith
Edie Ramer
Desiree Holt
Dede Craig
Christine DePetrillo
Christa Paige
Alison Chambers
Andrea Speed
Cassandra Dean
Josee Renard
Liana Laverentz
Linda Mooney
Miranda Baker
Nancy J. Cohen
Natalie J. Damschroder
Patricia Leever
Rhonda L. Print
Frances Pauli
Alianne Donnelly
Anne Patrick
Sommer Marsden
Elizabeth Black
Jen Wylie
Ingrid Michaels
Gail Koger
Silvia Violet
Mitzi Szereto
Debra St. John
Louise Delamore
Serena Shay
Mari Fee
Lee Brazil
Rachel Randall
Amber Scott
J.F. Jenkins

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